Accidents, Injuries

Many accidents respond well to homeopathy, which can support and be used as part of the treatment, usually after applying self first aid, or a visit to hospital.  For example- cuts, grazes, bruising, falls and shock. Fractures, puncture wounds, minor abscesses. Trauma after an RTA (road traffic accident). Minor HI (head injuries) and support with long term HI. Burns also may heal well with the use of remedies. 
For further information please see the emergency section.

Post op-complaints

I am able to offer a protocol to aid post op recovery and minor complaints. Remedies which may help with the effects of the anaesthetic, including nausea and lethargy.Trapped wind and constipation. Deep abdominal wound healing. And general recovery after operations

Children’s illnesses

I can support clients with stress related complaints, which could be emotional and /or physical. Post pandemic worries. Issues with sleep disturbance. Emotional shock after a bereavement, loss, disappointment and abuse. Often many people will have sort counselling and other therapies, which homeopathy can compliment.

Stress & mental health issues

Children respond well to homeopathy, which can help in most childhood illnesses, fevers, coughs and colds. Teething babies with nappy rash. Glue ear. Problems at school, shyness, lack of confidence and bullying. Also constitutional treatment, which strenghthens and helps their development.

Sue Stoward

Registered Homeopath, Advance Nurse Practitioner (Ret.) ANP.


Having spent 27 years working for the Emergency Services, (mainly in Accident and Emergency departments, Minor Injuries and Urgent Care settings). I have gained extensive experience in all aspects of emergency care, both acute, chronic and in dealing with adults as well as children. I am now practicing as a homeopath in Bath.

Holistic approach

As an advanced nurse practitioner and a homeopath, I am able to offer my clients a broad and holistic approach to any issue presentedI use natural healing modalities: homeopathy, bach flower essences and kinesiology. I also know the important role that Western medicine has in the treatment of health issues.

An integrated approach can work wonders to help aid recovery more quickly and with less side effects.

Customer Testimonials

“I thoroughly recommend Sue Stoward as a homeopath, and her many years as a senior frontline emergency care nurse ensure she has a sound medical background and wonderful people skills.”

Rosie Parks, June 2021, UK

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


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