In case of an emergency

The homeopathic emergency helpline is 09065 343 404
(available 9am until midnight).

Common emergency situations

Homeopathy can be very useful in emergencies. There are many remedies which can help in a first aid situation and can be taken alone or alongside painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, even if a hospital visit is necessary. 

Please visit the following app and/or website, for more information and some suggested remedies:

  1. Homeopathy UK is an app you can download on your mobile or other device. Look under symptoms, scroll down to find the injury or condition, for which you require help. It has a wide range of conditions listed alphabetically and remedies, which may help.  
  2. Helios pharmacy have a website with many remedy pictures and some conditions. Please visit 

Always seek medical advice if the condition/situation is not improving.